Pre-Installation Advice

This is very important advice which will also be given to you by your kitchen supplier. It is definitely the most important advice that you will receive to ensure a long life span for your kitchen doors.  In the construction of your new or newly renovated property, 1000's of litres of water have been used, therefore, installing your new kitchen into this environment would be like putting a dry sponge into a bucket of water.

The moisture in the walls, floors and ceilings will be absorbed directly into the dry wood of your kitchen doors.  This will result in your kitchen doors swelling, warping, not closing properly and in some cases the doors may burst open at the joints.  Some people believe that by turning on the heat the wood returns to normal and these problems are corrected.  This is sometimes true but in most cases it is not, as the moisture content of the doors will have exceeded their guarantee level (8% to 12%), there is a high possibility that the glue in the joints of the panels and frames has weakened, thus causing various problems in the future. So please heed this advice from your kitchen supplier.